ITLS Courses

These comprehensive courses are designed for providers who are first to evaluate and stabilize the trauma patient. The courses provide complete training in the skills needed for rapid assessment, resuscitation, stabilization and transportation of trauma patients.
The ITLS Basic course provides the core of knowledge and skills appropriate for all levels of EMS personnel, including EMT-Bs, first responders and other technicians.
The ITLS Advanced course builds on this knowledge, emphasizing evaluation steps and sequencing as well as techniques for resuscitating and packaging patients. ITLS Advanced is appropriate for advanced EMTs, paramedics, trauma nurses, physicians and other advanced EMS personnel. Hands-on stations include:
- Patient assessment and management
- Basic and advanced airway management
- Needle chest decompression and fluid resuscitation
- Spinal motion restriction - rapid extrication, short back board, helmet managment, log roll, and long back board/ scoop stretcher utilization
- Extremity immobilization and traction splint application.
ITLS Basic and Advanced courses use the 6th edition ITLS for Prehospital Care Providers manual.

ITLS Access give EMS crews and first responders the training they need to reach, stabilize and extricate trapped patients. The updated course includes techniques for hybrid vehicles, trucks, buses and small aircraft in addition to its primary focus on traditional vehicles. The eight-hour course is built around the concept of using hand tools commonly carried on an ambulance or first responder unit.

ITLS Pediatric continues the training of the Basic and Advanced courses with an emphasis on understanding and responding to trauma in children. The eight-hour course teaches the proper assessment, stabilization and packaging of pediatric trauma patients. It also highlights techniques for communicating with young patients and their parents. Hands-on stations include: Patient assessment and management , Airway management and chest decompression, Fluid resuscitation, Spine motion restriction - pediatric immobilization device.

Instructor courses prepare EMS professionals to teach ITLS courses. To participate, potential instructors must successfully complete the course they want to teach, demonstrate instructor potential, and meet local chapter requirements.
ITLS International's policies regarding achieving instructor status are:
- Obtain at least 86% on the written test in a provider course, Obtain an excellent on the practical test in a provider course
- Be recommended to take an instructor course by an affiliate faculty
If these items are accomplished, the following must be satisfied:
- Attend an ITLS instructor course
- Be monitored in a skills station, testing station, and giving a lecture, resulting in a "favorable evaluation"

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